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Do you need a prophetic word from God?

As you know for the last few years this ministry has been growing at an alarming rate. The result of this growth has hindered me from being able to spend as much time as I would like with everyone; writing books, recording new teachings and overseeing hundreds of ministers it has become very difficult for me to minister to everyone who desires me to seek God on their behalf. I need more time for God and my Family & Ministry Partners having to do prophecies for as many as 700 people in one month is just too much. Therefore, I will not be making myself available for everyone who wants me to seek God on their behalf for a prophetic word.

I will only be ministering to our Family & Ministry Partners and I welcome you to subscribe to this ministry as a Family or Ministry Partner. This way I will be able to keep up with the prophesy request that come my way as well as to visit with you over the phone, email and we can text each other when you need me to seek God and His will for your life.

If you would like to become one of my partners and request personal prophesies or send one as a gift to a friend, family for those special occasions; then scroll down and select the level of partnership you wish to invest in. Debbie and I would love for you to join our family of ministers long term friends with PMT.

Or you can request a prophecy or partner with any one of our many ministers on PMT’s Ministry Partners website. Click the Logo to go to All of the ministers on NAWFG are licensed and ordained through Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle under the oversight of Apostle/Prophet Kent Simpson, founder of Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle & Prophetic Ministries Today.

Prophecy Via Audio Email mp3

For a personal prophecy sent to your email inbox, please send a tax-deductible offering of 47.00 US dollars. You will receive your prophecy in 10 business days or less attached to your audio email in a MP3 format.

Business days are Monday-Friday and Holidays are not included; if we experience an unplanned surge of requests we will notify you of any delays.

Prophecy Via CD

For a personal prophecy on CD will be sent via United States Postal Service should be received in 3 or more weeks depending on how far you live. If you live outside of the United States it could take longer for your prophecy on CD to be delivered.

Become a PMT Partner with Kent Simpson

Become a Prophetic Ministry Partner!

Prophetic Ministry Partner's Receive:

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  • Your Ministry Page on PMT's Website
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  • Help Establish Your e-Mail List
  • Placement of Your Ministry under PMT's 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation
  • Oversight and Support from Kent Simpson via his private mobile phone # available only to Ministry and Family Partners
  • Special seating at all Prophetic Events and work with PMT leaders in your area
Become a Family Partner

Become a Prophetic Family Partner!

 Prophetic Family Partner's Receive:

  • Prophetic Counseling
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  • Making Business Decisions
  • Working Out Family Problems
  • Receive a Monthly Prophetic Messages Prophetic Prayer & Counseling
  • Personal Training on How to Hear the Voice of God
  • Oversight and Support from Kent Simpson via his private mobile phone # Available only to Ministry and Family Partners

Prophetic Counseling & Personal Financial Freedom

  • Restoring Relationships
  • Forecasting Employment Options
  • Prophetic Prayer for All Your Needs
  • Guidance in for Your Ministry
  • A Word of Knowledge
  • A Word of Wisdom
  • Prophesy Over Your Life
  • Solid Biblical Counseling

If you wish to receive one-on-one prophetic counseling with Prophet Kent Simpson you may request a 3 hour session with him at his office in Gainesville, Texas. Submit your request here>> to make your donation. PMT staff will contact you to make scheduling for your time with Prophet Kent Simpson.

God will reveal the missing pieces in your life


Almost 3 decades learning to hear the voice of God and I want more!

In the very beginning of this ministry, God made a promise to me that everywhere a prophecy tape was sent I would reap a harvest that I would be prophesying to hundreds of people on audio cassette tapes that were sent out to many States within the United States and many foreign Nations.

Jesus prophesied to Peter that he would deny Christ 3 times before the rooster crowed.
Ref. Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22

When our Lord made the promise to me I really did not know what He was referring to, but one day, in May of 1994, I found myself boarding an airplane headed for Norway. It was at that point the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance what our Lord had promised. Looking back, I traced within my mind how I found myself headed for Norway.

...over 500 Norwegian people had received prophesies after having seen the ad in Charisma magazine.

In the months prior, I had received a letter of invitation to come to Norway. The folks who had sent the letter were a group of men who had found the ad in Charisma magazine and received prophesies. In our letters of correspondence, I learned that they estimated over 500 Norwegian people had received prophesies after having seen the ad.

Once all the arrangements were made, the men in Norway raised the funds to purchase tickets for Wes Arnold and me to travel to Norway. The arrangements were for us to hold three services each day for nine days in Oslo in a church building that had been closed for over two years. Prior to these Oslo meetings, we were to hold a few services in a church in the far Northern part of Norway in a town named Al.

When we landed in Oslo, there were a few people waiting to take us on a five and a half hour drive to the Saturday night service in Al. However, our flight was delayed by a few hours. This created quite a rush to get us to the Church in Al. We sped through the mountain roads in a car, as quickly as possible, packed with five people and lots of luggage.

When we arrived the Pastor rushed us up to the stage. You must understand, we had been traveling with layovers on three planes and an automobile, totaling more than 23 hours without sleep. Without even washing our face and hands, Wes began the praise service and I brought the message and prophesied to everyone in the house. It was about two o'clock in the morning before we closed out the service.

The very next morning we were back at the Church and had communion service where even more people showed up and received their word of prophecy.

Jesus prophesied to Nathanael
that he would see angels ascending and
descending upon the Son of Man.
Ref. John 1

During communion a man and woman entered carrying a young woman and laid her at the back of the Church on sofa cushions. At the end of the service, the couple came to me with an interpreter and asked that I pray for their daughter. They said that about a year ago, as she was taking communion, she fell to the ground totally paralyzed and had not moved since. My energy was nearly drained from traveling and ministering; however, I kneeled down to pray for the girl.

...miraculous healings were abundant, and the prophesies were spot on.

The next day, to our surprise, she came walking in with her parents. Wes and I took a quick glance at each other as to say, "Do you see what I see?" We knew we were in for a wonderful, Spirit filled service; miraculous healings were abundant, and the prophesies were spot on.

Apostle Paul prophesied to the captain
of the wrecked ship that those who stayed
on board would live but those who jumped
into the water would die.
Ref. Acts 27

We traveled back to Oslo the next day to start the nine days of meetings. The first meeting was at nine o'clock in the morning, and there were only about forty people. The afternoon meeting was challenging, to say the least; one of the men stood while I was teaching and wanted to argue with me about my message. After a few attempts to try and reason with the man, I finally realized this wasn't going to stop, so I put the microphone down, and Wes and I left the meeting, went back to our room and began to pack to go home. The men who sent for us came to the room and begged us to stay; we told them we did not come to argue then agreed to go back and minister God's Word.

With an immense foreboding feeling upon us, we returned to hold the evening meeting.

With an immense foreboding feeling upon us, we returned to hold the evening meeting. As we walked into the room, our shock could not be concealed. There where now four hundred and twenty six people anxiously waiting for us to minister to them. From that point on, the meetings continued to grow until one of the Christian television stations came to televise the meetings.

After a few days the owner and host of the TV station asked me to come on his program and prophesy live over those who called in for a word. Hundreds of people hungered for more of the prophetic movement, and they continued to send for us. We made fourteen more trips over the next two years. Many people were healed and His Word continued to bring in a harvest.

Giving an Offering for a Word

Though a prophet may receive a monetary blessing when giving a person a word from God, he is not to be mistaken for a hireling. A prophet who is a hireling will give a false prophecy at the request of a supporter for monetary gain.

...there are men of God who desire to only speak God’s words and to reveal God’s plans for the people.

In contrast to these false prophets, there are men of God who desire to only speak God’s words and to reveal God’s plans for the people. Men of God receive their spiritual guidance from God and their financial blessing from God’ people. I Corinthians 9:11, 12 “If we have sown spiritual things for you, is it a great thing if we reap your material things? If others are partakers of this right over you, are we not even more?”

In the Old Testament we find that the Lord commanded Samuel, a prophet of God, to prophesy over a young man who would be coming his way around lunchtime. The Lord indicated that this young man's name was Saul and he would be looking for his father's lost donkeys.

As Saul and his servant wandered around looking for the lost donkeys, the servant spoke up and said, "Look now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honorable man; all that he says surely comes to pass. So let us go there; perhaps he can show us the way that we should go." I Samuel 9:6 is not evil to seek a prophet for spiritual guidance or direction from God.

As it was in the Old Testament it is today; it is not evil to seek a prophet for spiritual guidance or direction from God.

Then Saul said to his servant, "But look, if we go, WHAT SHALL WE BRING THE MAN? For the bread in our vessels is all gone, and there is not a present to bring to the man of God. What do we have?" I Samuel 9:7

Then Saul's servant said, "Look, I have here at hand one fourth of a shekel of silver. I will give that to the man of God, to tell us our way." I Samuel 9:8

In this and other scriptures throughout the Bible, God has shown us that we must support his prophets. These men of old had conviction that they must bless the prophet, Samuel, for his intercession. God wants His people to be cheerful in giving.

“But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.” II Corinthians 9:6, 7

Prophetic Counseling & Personal Financial Freedom

  • Restoring Relationships
  • Forecasting Employment Options
  • Prophetic Prayer for All Your Needs
  • Guidance in for Your Ministry
  • A Word of Knowledge
  • A Word of Wisdom
  • Prophesy Over Your Life
  • Solid Biblical Counseling

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